This Self-Editing Action Camera Is the Future of Home Video

Margaret Rhodes, Wired

Drop the camera onto a wireless charging mat, and it automatically syncs the raw video to the cloud, where Graava cuts out the boring bits.

Nick Wingfield, The New York Times

Graava could start a revolution in the consumer camera market. Why would anyone ever spend hours editing their footage again?

Aliya Barnwell, Digital Trends

a remarkable achievement.

Nick Wingfield, The New York Times

The end of editing

Josh Constine, TechCrunch

Shoot first, edit never.

Sean O'Kane, The Verge

Watch Out GoPro

Ryan Mac, Forbes

If only your GoPro could edit its own footage like this smart camera

Ryan Mac, Forbes

See what graava does for you.

it automatically turns raw video into
exciting clips ready to be shared.

Versatile and Intelligent.

graava is so smart you’ll always want it with you.
And it’s so small it can be.

Today’s cameras create a problem for you.

Editing video using traditional software is labor-intensive. Producing a minute of content takes an hour of work.

Record and share your experiences with the touch of a button.

graava uses artificial intelligence and sensor information to identify the best scenes in your video and automatically edit it.

Let graava do the
editing for you.

After a day of filming, simply select the desired length of the final video, graava will automatically edit your footage.

It adds great music
to your video.

Great experiences are better with good music. Select your favorites tunes and let graava sync your video clip to it.

Memories are to be shared.

graava can cut your video to the most appropriate length and post it to your favorite social media channels.

Video should be social.

Footage from two or more graavas can be seamlessly and automatically combined to show multiple point-of-views in the same final video clip.

Gorgeous and Smart.

Place graava on its magnetic wireless charger stand and it automatically starts synchronizing your files to the cloud or to your computer.

One more thing...

Even if you are not in action, graava never goes into the drawer. Tap "home monitor mode" in the app and graava becomes a home monitoring camera.